ChicagoRed Rambles

Better Off Red. Now be a lamb and see if you can find my dignity on your way back.

The table never stood a chance.
Dancing on the table is not encouraged.
Skyblue pink. #lovewhereyoulive  (at Diversey Harbor)
Remains of the day on a rooftop. #lovewhereyoulive
Stop 4: build your own. #passthepepcid  (at Bub City)
Bloody Mary stop number 2: The Sumo. Sushi and pork and more pork from all of Asia. #passthepepcid  (at Sunda)
Checkout this warlock! Behold: “The Hail Mary” #passthepepcid (at Riverview Tavern)
Happy birthday, dear friend @thisissanta !! #celebratingsamir (at Ada Street)
@thisissanta and this is her birthday!  (at Ada Street)
Thursday night rooftop pyrotechnics. #twelfthnight  #lovewhereyoulive
If FSBO had a cellphone and opposable thumbs… #fsbosworld
Tribune Tower. #lovewhereyoulive
Sleeping with one eye open. Creep. #fsbosworld
Shadow boxing garden roses.