ChicagoRed Rambles

Better Off Red. Now be a lamb and see if you can find my dignity on your way back.

Raise your hand if this looks familiar and you had a check with this kit. #fisherprice
Sky blue-pink over my least favorite Chicago intersection: Damen, Fullerton, and Elston. #lovewhereyoulive
Excuse me, but is this a groupon for backne?? #backacne
Garden party with live music? What is this, LA? NOPE! #lovewhereyoulive
Decorative doorknobs of 1904. #reasonsislovesellingrealestate
Everything is so lush and green here in North Evanston. #evanston #reasonsislovesellingrealestate

Fierce Fizz. #fsbosworld

"This might be a problem, I speak Latin and in there… Well in there, they only talk in iambic pentameter."  (at Bristol Renaissance Faire)
"It’s impossible to be a nerd at a renaissance faire."  (at Bristol Renaissance Faire)
Ah yes, the traditional fried vegetable of the renaissance age: tempura. (at Bristol Renaissance Faire)
Carriage drop anyone? #reasonsilovesellingrealestate

Watched a show tonight called Dating Naked on VH1 and spent 29 of the 30 minute episode trying to make the tv explode with my mind. This might be the end of civilization as we know it.

Wrap-around-porch perfection. #americana #reasonsilovesellingrealestate
La lapin lounging. #fsbosworld