ChicagoRed Rambles

Better Off Red. Now be a lamb and see if you can find my dignity on your way back.

100 years of Wrigley! #lovewhereyoulive  (at Wrigley Field)
Morehouse College marching band bringing the Ferris Beuller vibe to Daley Plaza last Friday! #lovewhereyoulive  (at Richard J. Daley Center)
"Galileo" just came on the radio and in an instant I was 16 again, singing all of the lyrics, at the top of my lungs. Positively Pavlovian.  #lilithfairlivesoninmycar
Sunday snuggles with my mew thang. #fsbosworld
She keeps swatting the red button on the surge bar and thusly turning the tv on and off… And I swear to god she’s smirking at me every time. Dick. #fsbosworld
Fuckin’ Wednesday man. #regrammy
Italian oasis in Rogers Park. #lovewhereyoulive
Yoga take over with cobra pose. #fsbosworld
Throwing shade with the hairy eyeball. #fsbosworld #restingbitchface
You have to pay the troll toll, dolls. #purplepeopleeater #dyefelicia (at House of Yenta)
Being able to sleep at night is entirely overrated. #fangsfangsfangs
Sinister selfies. #fangsfangsfangs
Vampires and vigilantes. #fangsfangsfangs
My art director went from fangers to Frenchie between sets in record time. C’est magnifique!